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Neo Fables, venturing into the realm of tales and mythology.

For the past three years I have lived in the West Kootenays. A place with low population density, the most southern herd of mountain caribous, slednecks next to hippy communes and trendy coffee roasters. But most of all a place of vast expanses of deep dark woods, towering snow capped peaks, and glacier tarns that empty into churning whitewater creeks flowing through empty valleys. Before the miners discovered the bounty of treasures buried in the rock in this area the Sinix't and Kutanaxa lived here telling their Tales and Sagas. But their stories are now mostly forgotten. And the European settlers brought their own fairy tales and stories. Now the stoic peaks and mountains stand barren of tales to honer them and the forest are empty of mysterious creatures to haunt children in their dreams at night. No trolls, nor serpents far and wide.

Every time I ventured out into the local backcountry, the Neo Fables were calling me. As if the wild places want their stories being told a new. Fables of the new settlers and creatures of the wild, of culture clash and pillaged streams, rock and timber,  these paintings were inspired by the stories and fairytales I grew up with in Europe combined with the landscape and animals of the Kootenays.

*for those who wish to learn more about the Sinix't: 

and the Kutanaxa:




Lars Baggenstos